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Minumum order requirement is NOK (Kr) 100,-!

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Delivery Terms for delivery to foreign countries.
All the prices given are in NOK (Norwegian currency "Kr") and includes the Norwegian V.A.T. / Tax. But not for Books. They are free of V.A.T. / Tax. All prices are per unit, unless other stated. If there is a pack indication (f.ex. 10 stk.) the price is per pack. Please, ask your bank or card operator for the exchange rate of NOK. The prices could change without notice. Printing errors is possible on the pages. The colors may not be the same as shown on the photo's. This is only valid if the color is not specified in the text. All exportorders are free of V.A.T./Tax To find out what the exportprice will be, please divide the price with 1,25. Example: Price incl. V.A.T./Tax is NOK 125. Your exportprice will be: 125/1,25 = 100, i.e. the price you pay is NOK 100.

Remember to fill in your correct address (where the goods are to be sent), including your E-mail address. After you have checked that all is correct, you click the "Send"-button below. All foreign orders requires payment in advance. As soon as we have received your payment, we will send the ordered items to you. If you for some reason, do not want to keep what you have ordered, you may send it back to us within 7 days after receipt. What you send in return must be in the same condition as when you received it, i.e. it must not be used or damaged by you.

We will send your order as air mail with tracking number. All rates are without Norwegian V.A.T. / Tax. For high parcel weights and big order amounts, please ask us !

Shipment cost from NOK 185.00 to NOK 1215.00. Payment with Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. After your order have been processed you will receive an E-mail with the amount to pay, and information of how you pay.

Alternative shipping:
We may send you items with weight from 1 Gram to 350 Grams as ordinary airmail. There will be no replacement or no pay back if the shipment are damaged or lost. Shipment cost: From NOK 45,- to NOK 112,-. If the ordered items are of such a kind that it can not be sent in an big envelope, we will inform you.


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